This page provides an overview of data sources and documents containing publicly available information on patents related to medicines.


Pat-INFORMED (World Intellectual Property Organization)

"The Patent Information Initiative for Medicines (Pat-INFORMED) is a joint initiative of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the  International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations.
Pat-INFORMED is a database of granted patents on medicines covering six therapeutic areas:  HIV/ AIDS, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hepatitis C, oncology, and respiratory conditions. The database also covers all products which are on the World Health Organization  Model List of Essential Medicines and outside of the six therapeutic areas."

MedsPaL (Medicines Patent Pool)

MedsPaL provides information on the IP status of medicines, including HIV, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, and patented medicines of the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines in low-and-middle-income countries.

Orange Book (United States Food and Drug Administration)

The US FDA “Orange Book” (Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations) “identifies drug products approved on the basis of safety and effectiveness by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) and related patent and exclusivity information.”

Orange Book List (Knowledge Ecology International)

KEI compiled a list of all patents that were ever listed from the first edition of the Orange book until 20 August 2018, including the patents that are now expired. The FDA Orange Book available on the FDA website only includes valid patents.

Patent Register (Health Canada)

"The Patent Register is an alphabetical listing of medicinal ingredients and their associated patents, the patent expiry dates and other related information established in accordance with the Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Regulations [SOR/133-93 as amended]. The database is updated nightly and contains patent-related information on human and veterinary drugs from March 12, 1993 to date."

The Lens

The Lens contains global patent documents, integrated with scholarly and technical literature.​


WHO patent information on treatments for Hepatitis C

The webpage contains analysis of the patent situation for seven of the new treatments for hepatitis C: daclatasvir, ledipasvir, paritaprevir, ombitasvir, dasabuvir, simeprevir, and sofosbuvir, for more than 40 countries, territories and regions.

Published in 2014. “The paper provides information on the prices paid by 20 middle-income countries for adult and paediatric formulations of antiretroviral treatments recommended by WHO. It links this information with an analysis of the intellectual property situation of the selected medicines taking into account existing license agreements as well as compulsory licenses, and includes data and general information on a number of other determinants of prices and availability of ARVs, including tariffs, markups and taxes, as well as the regulatory status.”​

Increasing access to HIV treatment in middle-income countries: Key data on prices, regulatory status, tariffs and the intellectual property situation (WHO)

Patent Landscape Report on Vaccines for Selected Infectious Diseases (WIPO)

WIPO report published in 2012. “The scope of this report is to detect patterns of patenting activity and innovation in the area of vaccine research and manufacturing in order to facilitate the sourcing of vaccine technologies that could potentially be used in developing countries. Part I provides an overview of patenting activity in the area of vaccines by means of a statistical analysis. Part II focuses on the patenting related to vaccines for: streptococcus pneumonia conjugate vaccines; typhoid conjugate vaccines; and influenza vaccines. Each part of the report also includes a special focus on the patenting activity in Brazil, China and India.”

Patent Landscape Report on Atazanavir (WIPO)

WIPO report published in 2011 containing patent information related to atazanavir, an antiretroviral drug used to treat HIV/AIDS.

Patent Landscape Report on Ritonavir (WIPO)

WIPO report published in 2011 containing patent information related to ritonavir, an antiretroviral drug used to treat HIV/AIDS.

Patent search reports on H1N1 and H5N1 (WIPO / WHO)

“In the framework of the negotiations of a Framework for the sharing of influenza viruses and benefits, WIPO has, on request of WHO, contributed two patent search reports”:

Patent Search Report on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness (PIP)-Related Patents and Patent Applications, prepared on request of WHO, 2011

Working Paper: Patent issues related to influenza viruses and their genes, commissioned by WHO, WIPO 2007

Patent Landscape Reports by Other Organizations (WIPO)

WIPO provides a searchable database containing patent landscape reports published by international organizations, national intellectual property offices, non-governmental organizations and private sector entities. It is possible to search by topic, including “public health / life sciences”.

Patents that received NIH-funding (KEI)

An excel sheet by Knowledge Ecology International - KEI listing “all the patents cited in the NIH RePORTER database, which is a database of federally-funded medical research projects”.

Patent information on 74 selected medicines 2018 (Fiocruz)

Document with patent information on 74 selected medicines edited by the ​Fiocruz/Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública Sergio Arouca (ENSP).

The Roadmap series (I-MAK)

The Initiative for Medicines, Access & Knowledge (I-MAK) launched in 2013 "The Roadmap: The HIV Drug Pipeline and its Patents", containing information about clinical, cost, and patent status on important HIV antiretroviral (ARV) medicines. The first edition includes the following medicines: CMX157, cobicistat, darunavir, dolutegravir, elvitegravir, etravirine, raltegravir, rilpivirine & complera, stribild and tenofovir alafenamide fumarate. In 2017, they launched a special expanded edition on dolutegravir and in 2018 on tenofovir alafenamide fumarate (TAF).

Patent landscape of neglected tropical diseases: an analysis of worldwide patent families (2017)

Akinsolu, F. T., de Paiva, V. N., Souza, S. S., & Varga, O. (2017). Patent landscape of neglected tropical diseases: an analysis of worldwide patent families. Globalization and health, 13(1), 82. "The aim of this study is to map out research and development (R&D) landscape through patent analysis of these identified NTDs. To achieve this, analysis and evaluation have been conducted on patenting trends, current legal status of patent families, priority countries by earliest priority years and their assignee types, technological fields of patent families over time, and original and current patent assignees."

Antimalarial patent landscape: A qualitative and quantitative analysis (2012)

Jana, T., Dulakakhoria, S., Bindal, D., Mukherjee, T., Tripathi, A., & Wadia, N. (2012). Antimalarial patent landscape: A qualitative and quantitative analysis. Current Science, 103(10), 1162-1174. "The present study attempts to capture the development in the technology sphere of antimalarial agents through patent landscaping. The study addresses patents describing novel technologies related to some of the new and promising antimalarial drug targets. It also attempts to cover the patent landscape of the existing antimalarial drugs and vaccines. Lastly, a quantitative patent analysis of global antimalarial agents has been presented to arrive at an evidence-based policymaking in order to eradicate malaria."

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