​Compulsory Licensing in Europe (2019) (European Patent Office)​

​Provides an overview of the different compulsory licensing regimes in the 38 countries members of the European Patent Convention. For each country, the document provides the legal basis, grounds for applying a compulsory license, the general procedure, and statistics and jurisprudence.

Compulsory Licensing (Knowledge Ecology International)

​KEI provides information regarding compulsory licensing, such as global norms and countries experiences, including the use of compulsory licensing in the United States, and compulsory licensing of medical patents in Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa.

Parallel Distribution Register (European Medicines Agency)

Updated monthly, the Parallel Distribution register give information on parallel distribution notices, which have been checked by the European Medicines Agency. The register promotes transparency about parallel distribution notices, and increases information which is available for national authorities, holders of marketing authorisation, parallel distributors, and wholesalers.

Patent Opposition Database (Médecins Sans Frontières Access Campaign)

Database of international drug patent oppositions. Provides information including patent applications, patent office decisions, patent oppositions, and in which country(ies) related to selected drugs.

TRIPS Flexibilities Database (Medicines Law & Policy)

The database contains “instances when authorities have invoked, planned to invoke, or have been asked to invoke a TRIPS flexibility for public health reasons, in particular access to medicines.” In particular the database includes compulsory licensing, patent exceptions, parallel import, and the Least Developed Country transition provisions.​

​WIPO Database on Flexibilities in the Intellectual Property System​

Contains data drawn from WIPO documents on Patent Related Flexibilities in the Multilateral Legal Framework and their Legislative Implementation at the National and Regional Levels. The database allows searches for implementation of flexibilities in national IP laws in selected jurisdictions.

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