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Ensuring globally equitable innovation and access to medicines is a major challenge, and is now recognised as a problem across high-, middle- and low-income countries. High prices of effective new medicines can restrict patient access and threaten the sustainability of health systems. At the same time, many health technologies urgently needed to address public health needs have not been developed or offer limited benefit over the status quo. There is growing interest in new approaches to the research & development (R&D) of health technologies that could deliver both innovation and access to medicines. Research, evidence and analysis are important for informing policymakers, analysts, advocates and the public about measures to address innovation and access challenges. However, such information is not always available, may not be easy to digest, nor readily translated into evidence-based policy. Significant gaps in the knowledge base still persist.


The Knowledge Portal on Innovation and Access to Medicines provides open-access information, research and analysis on policies relating to pharmaceutical innovation and access. It is a one-stop source offering a number of resources on several topics under three interrelated themes: Pricing, Intellectual Property and Innovation. The website aims to make existing knowledge more available and accessible to communities of policy & practice as a tool to achieve needs-driven innovation and globally-equitable access to medicines.

The Knowledge Portal was initially created in 2019 as part of the Knowledge Network for Innovation and Access to Medicines project, with funding from the Open Society Foundations.





Current collaborators: Kaitlin Large (Researcher), Yiqi Liu (Research Assistant), Iulia Slovenski (Research Assistant)


Past collaborators include: Surabhi Agarwal (Research Assistant), Luisa Arueira Chaves (Visiting Researcher), Anna Bezruki (Researcher), Ezekiel Boro (Research Assistant), Elise Erickson (Research Assistant), Ryan Kimmitt (Research Assistant), Cecilia Morin (Visiting Student), Danielle Navarro (Research Assistant), Catherine Saez, Azizah Siddiqui (Research Assistant), Temmy Sunyoto (Postdoctoral Researcher), Gurgen Tadevosyan (Research Assistant), Xiaoyi Wang (Student Researcher)


Global Health Centre

The Knowledge Portal is a project of the Global Health Centre at the Geneva Graduate Institute.



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