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This page provides an overview of data sources of contractual provisions of agreements referring to intellectual property management, technology transfer and other related issues relevant to pharmaceutical innovation and access to medicines.

​Master Alliance Provisions Guide (MAPGuide)

"The MAPGuide is a new tool to help practitioners and policymakers access a curated collection of actual and template contractual provisions from global health alliance agreements that address key principles on which partnerships are built. Real-world examples from public sector, industry, nonprofit, philanthropic, and multilateral institutions show how different alliances approach issues around access, intellectual property, liability, risk and benefit sharing, and more. The user-friendly online platform allows users to find provisions using keyword searches or by browsing by issue, partner type, development stage, and product type. Please note that this site is not currently optimized for mobile viewing". The MAPGuide is a tool of  the Global Health Innovation Alliance Accelerator - GHIAA.

​AUTM Global Health Toolkit

"The AUTM Global Health Toolkit provides university licensing managers a starting point as they enter into licensing discussions with prospective licensees. The toolkit joins with the AUTM Global Health Sample Clauses, a living document created by AUTM members to share their experience creating licenses that promote global health access. The toolkit and sample clauses focus on experiences that demonstrate how to structure license clauses that promote innovation and product development while encouraging access to essential medicines by developing countries."


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