The Knowledge Network on Innovation and Access to Medicines is a project of the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute, Geneva. The project seeks to maximize the contributions of research and analysis to producing public health needs-driven innovation and globally-equitable access to medicines.


Free public webinar series presented by leading medicines policy researchers. The webinars aim to make recent, policy-relevant research more accessible to a global public audience and facilitate flows of knowledge between the research and policy & practice communities.

Upcoming webinar

Thursday 28 November | 4 pm - 5 pm CET 

Public funding of biomedical R&D: what role for public investment funds and financial markets?


Slavek Roller, Goethe University Frankfurt
Nadya Wells, Global Health Centre, Graduate Institute of Geneva

The role of public funding in biomedical research and development (R&D) is a longstanding topic of interest both in the academic literature and in policy debates. The public contribution to basic science and early stages of research is well established, and more recent studies have also focused on public funding of later stages of the development process. The literature focuses on public funding of R&D through direct grants, tax incentives and the purchase of the end product by public health systems. This webinar aims to bring a new element to the debate: the role of public investment funds.

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Slavek Roller will present his recently published article investigating the role of pension and state funds in financing biomedical R&D in the complex financial architecture of modern drug development. He found that public investment funds in, for example, Canada, the European Union, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, hold significant shares in pharmaceutical companies.  He will describe how the source of investment does or does not influence decision-making regarding pricing and R&D priorities and implications for current debates on access to medicines and innovation. He will also offer proposals for a strengthened role for public investment fund boards in where and how they invest their money, to ensure public benefit from the results of the R&D that they fund.


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